Dream » Y » Yarn

Dream «Yarn»

Yarn — success, profitable business.

Unwinding yarn — an invitation to a high-paying job.

Clew — a new interesting and funny friend.

Miller’s dream book

If you are engaged in a dream spinning, it means that in the near future, you become a member of the case, which has long been the limit of your dreams. For a young woman's dream - a harbinger of imminent marriage to a very worthy man. If you just saw the yarn - so, in your home will be a wonderful person, and in their own backyard you will achieve great success.

Hasse’s dream book

See — a lot of troubles to spin - happiness in love confused - quarrel between lovers unravel - or doubt.

Spin — soon you will be in a matter of which you could only dream of;

For a young lady - a dream - soon a very worthy man proudly call you my wife;

See yarn — success in business, the appearance of your home beautiful man.

Gossip. Travelling without a purpose.

Ancient French dream book

Spun in a dream - you will mourn.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

This sign symbolizes your life yarn. Every experience is woven into it and enriches the picture, just the experience gained is important here.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Flax spinning - well. Wool spinning - loss, illness. The yarn wound - separation loving. Buy wool threads - cold. Mota - chores, changes. Cotton, wool see - service trouble. Spindle see - joy.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

Pryadesh. — Presage a long life, longer life.


In former times storytellers were known as weavers of stories, which is where the symbolism arose. The myths and stories of the old heroes who undertook their own spiritual journey are archetypal and can help us identify a strategy for life. A yarn as in a tale or story is most often to do with our sense of history or of continuity. To be being told a yarn or story links with our need for heroes and heroines, and perhaps our need for a mentor. Yarn in the sense of knitting yarn or twine often signifies our ability to create order out of chaos. In olden times it suggested spinning, an archetypal symbol for life, and often in dreams it is this image that is portrayed. Tangled yarn may suggest a complex situation. We fashion our lives out of what we are given. It was once said that yarn in a woman's dream signified that she would marry well, but in a man's dream suggested that he would find himself a dutiful wife. It has less such significance nowadays, but yarn always has the overtones of industriousness and hard work. You might like to consult the section on Archetypes in the Introduction.

Freud’s dream book

If you dream of winding yarn off a hank into a ball, you will increase the number of your friends. Using yarn for knitting or crocheting forecasts marriage to single individuals.

Nostradamus’s dream book

To dream of yarn shows you will soon become the wife of a wealthy man. If a man sees a woman working with yarn he will soon find that the love of his life is a thrifty individual with all the skills to be a good wife and companion.

Dream book of lovers

If dreamed the young girl that she spins a yarn, it means that she will marry the successful young man who it will adore and showering with gifts.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Gossips. Travel without the purpose.


See - a lot of alarm; spin - happiness in love, confused - a quarrel between lovers; unravel - resolve doubts.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

See — a lot of alarm; spin - happiness in love, confused - a quarrel between lovers; unravel - resolve doubts.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Gossip. Traveling without a goal.


A situation or problem that is more complex than it first appears, just as a strand of yarn is actually made of many smaller fibers.A ball of yarn coming unwound can represent a situation that's coming unwound or "falling apart," or the idea of getting to the bottom of a problem or figuring something out.A person winding yarn can represent putting things in order, trying to get things under control or organized (or trying to at least appear that way to others).