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The interpretation of the dream «Bridge»

Bridge — a reflection of the transition from one state to another. A reflection of changes in the perception and awareness (also the need for this). The reflection of the transition from old to new energies. The reflection of the relationship to the unconditional love.

Dream book of Vanga

The bridge in a dream means the hope, the promise, the oath. If you dream you are driving or walking over the bridge, and suddenly it under you, fails, it means that soon you will betray the person you used to trust. You will be hard to survive this meanness, but in the end will justify and forgive traitors. A dream in which you are building a bridge, foretells you a hard time because of the fact that you take on a huge load of obligations to others. Go over the bridge for a long time - a dream foretells you shame and remorse, because you do not do this you promise.

Loff’s dream book

Dreamed bridges are a very interesting character. They belong to the sphere of interpersonal relationships. Burning bridges and intersection, and - a symbol of the opportunities and challenges posed by life. How difficult was it to you to cross the bridge? This building was safe or unreliable, dilapidated? Where led dreamed bridge - to something untried, or in a very specific, well-known place for you? The answers to these questions may indicate that you are now on life's crossroads in your life, feeling that it is natural, mixed feelings.

If you dreamed of building a bridge that carried you do, then what was it - to get some new features or to avoid problems? If you dream of the destruction of the bridge, in this case it is important to determine from what you seek is thus shut out what you have been associated with this feeling. Remember, you have been an active participant in the destruction of a bridge or a victim of this action.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

To move — to avoid the danger changes; see - a failure.

Esoteric Dream Book

To see, go - go through difficulties during the tests. Landslides, old - need to be careful, you can not go ahead. Build - patience. The fact that you wish to happen, but not soon.

Hasse’s dream book

Happiness in the affairs of; go through it - Throw your intentions; trip and fall on it - an obstacle in the affairs of; Concave - suffering through infidelity; pass under the bridge - to eliminate the many obstacles to reach goals; swing - on the plans can put your cross.

Modern dream book

If you dream of a long broken bridge, mysteriously disappearing in the darkness, be wary of depression due to the loss of the most expensive that you have. Young and in love with this dream foretells disappointment in matters of the heart, as you realize that your boyfriend is not the ideal. If you go over the bridge safely, the reality you will overcome all the difficulties, using the funds to you at first seemed dangerous. Any obstacle when crossing the bridge heralds the woes and troubles. A dream that on your way appears suddenly, bridge, warns of possible betrayal of false fans. If you look from the bridge into the water and see a clear transparent stream, then this dream promises wealth. If the water is dirty and muddy, then your endeavors not to be brought to the end.

Azar’s dream book

Difficulty, heavy journey obstruction.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

The bridge is a powerful symbol of change and transformation. You expand your experience through the bridge and go from one state to another. This may be a new job, a change in career and any change, so you go into a new life stage. The bridge may also reflect the change in your personal perception of reality. The bridge can also be implemented emotional transition in your life, as it is usually located above the water.

Dream book of the Maya

Good znachenieEsli you dreamed that you go over the bridge, and soon you will be able to find a compromise with the authorities. To this compromise suit you more than the boss, go at night bridge. Poor znachenieEsli you dream that you are building a bridge, any attempts to negotiate with others to no good will not result. This time will be when the weather changes.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

The bridge in a dream - a symbol of contact, communication bridge between the mind and the external world / between man and the other world / between the individual and society. Wide beautiful bridge - an unexpected support / harmony between the world and the soul / between the individual and society. Broken, damaged bridge - the fear of the world / distrust of the people / alienation, loneliness / loss of money. Garden or park wooden bridge - a love affair. A quaint bridge - love fun. Dirt Bridge - family and kinship ties, their strength or fragility. The narrow bridge over the river awkward move - the uncertainty in dealing with people, which stems from their lack of knowledge. At such a person come across - well; communication, which can not break, happy marriage. The bridge is reeling under you - fragile relations / obsessive fear of losing his mind. The statues on the bridge - a cartridge, patrons, dealers in your relationships with people / forces guarding the harmony of your contacts with the outside world. Animals on the bridge - let your passion normal relations with people. On an unusually long bridge to go and not have a way to reach the end of it - the fear of the disease, before thoughts of death / unsuccessful attempts to establish normal relations with the world and people, a sense of loneliness. By w / d to move the bridge - the old and stronger relationships between people interfere with your contacts with them / fear of life. The unusually high off the ground Bridge - a relationship that is too cold, high and do not satisfy you / platonic love. On the bridge scuttle - separation, loss of a loved one. Sail under the bridge - you need to get into an environment where people associate a long-standing, strong relationship. From the bridge to fall down or jump - lose the attention or respect people / lose the support / connection on which you would like to get rid. On the bridge to meet the man - in his mind or in his words to learn something about the past or the future, because he is your twin. In the middle of the bridge to go to bed - to lose friends because of the desire to be with everyone on good terms / vibrate / and try to please God and the devil. Bridge inside the house to see him go by, it is destroyed - some internal disorder and attempts to overcome it. To live under the bridge - to be someone's mediator. Bridge over a dry place - connected to the people, the need for them. The bridge between the windows of the houses - a very strange basis of your relationship with any person. Fence in the middle of the bridge - the social interference when dealing with people. At the end of the bridge is not expensive, and the house - someone interferes with establishing your relationship with people. The house on the bridge - a life built on all foreign thoughts, money, etc. At the bridges stand - temporarily lose support. The storm, the wind on the bridge - contact with the other world. Molten w / d bridge, bridge the gap, the rope instead of the bridge - the spiritual world, the path to the treasures of your spirit. See the crumbling bridge - sharp conflicts and quarrels. Try to build a bridge - to feel their individuality, not content with a closed life. If a small bridge - after contact with a well-defined entity. Bridge, perfume, freaks, witches on it are - public disaster / threat to become an accomplice to evil forces, communicating with them / appeal to evil. Destroy the bridge - go to conflict with someone / burn his ships / break up with bad people. To see how the workers are building a bridge - built your happiness / general Welfare / it's time to take stock.

New family dream book

A long, curved, crumbling bridge, you dreamed up in a dream means that you will overcome the gloomy thoughts. Lovers this dream promises disappointment. If you dream you safely crossed the bridge, you will be able to overcome the difficulties, if not prevent any circumstance. Saw the bridge, suddenly emerged on your way - beware of treachery. If standing on the bridge, you see clean water - in front of abundance and well-being. Dirty water portends poor results in any endeavor.

Ancient Zedkielya dream book

Wait for a change if you dream you come to the bridge in the afternoon. But if someone on the bridge will block your path - be you unhappy in love. If you have crossed the bridge without any obstacles - it's a good sign. You're assured of prosperity and good luck in all your endeavors. If you dream you walk up to the bridge and see that it is broken, in any case, waking up, do not take anything to change the circumstances of your life. Nothing good will come of it.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

Repair of the bridge. - The heralds of the harmonious development of all situations. See cross the bridge. - Heralds the emergence of a formal occasion. Sitting on the bridge. - The heralds of getting seats in the service. You see, as a collapsed bridge. - The heralds of the situation connected with the official structures. Holding with whom th hands to climb up on the bridge. - Portends wife's pregnancy. Holler, calling someone standing on the bridge. - Win the lawsuit. Rebuilt bridge, the new bridge. - Portends great match. Bridge breaks. - Heralds a verbal quarrel, hassle. Broken bridge bearing. - Portend trouble with a child or grandchild, offspring. The road on the bridge stops the cart. - Portends misfortune.

East female dream book

You go over the bridge and go through it - then you will be successful in any endeavor, if the bridge is broken or shaky - try anything new yet not to take. Young and in love with this dream foretells disappointment in matters of the heart. Any obstacle when crossing the bridge - a symbol of misfortune and trouble.

Miller’s dream book

To dream of a long dilapidated bridge, which mysteriously bizarrely twisted in the dark - it means that the deep melancholy of the loss of the most expensive and gloomy thoughts will torment you. For young people, and love it promises disappointment in the most cherished hopes of the heart, as the one they love, will not meet their ideal. Move safely across the bridge - the final overcoming of difficulties, though not quite as safe vehicles. Any obstruction or delay in this case is a disaster. If you see a bridge, suddenly emerged on your way, beware of treachery and false admirers. Abundance and prosperity come from clean waters, if you dream you are looking down on the dirty muddy water, then wait for the unfortunate results of their most significant effort.

Dream book of the Yellow Emperor

Sweeps flow under the bridge at the bottom is green. Trees are long-hidden in dense fog. Who doubts that my secluded abode? Thousands of mountains and a single house. Gao TsiPervoelementy - fire, earth, water. Elements - heat, humidity, cold. Emotions - joy, thoughtfulness, doubt, fear. Organs - the heart, spleen, kidneys. The Planets - Mars, Saturn, Mercury. Like the key and the book, a bridge in the history of mankind has the equivalent symbolic and practical significance. Most - to continue the path in the literal and figurative senses: in the forward - the traveler will not be able to move through the turbulent river, gulf, and so on, in a figurative sense, the movement forward of the human spirit can stop due to some internal samoblokirovok, then the person will need a bridge - additional forces, assistance, advice. In the history of culture, literature, poetry, after the man-hero embarks on a journey, he meets necessarily in the way-the way of life a series of symbolic, help or hinder the movement of objects: the mountains, the gulf, wild river, a bridge, a locked door with a key or without , a book with the predictions, and so on. We have before us a number of outstanding dream primary archetypes of universal knowledge of the world. state - aspiration, hope, a sense of strength / weakness. The bridge in a dream move / relocate / build / destroyed bridge -sredstvo/sposob go through something interrupt the path to continue its; means - whether state - yin. Bridge move - to find a way to continue the path to find the right way to resolve the situation, go to your own fears, doubts, and leave behind the bridge interlock preconceptions, illness, etc.. Especially important is the crossing of the bridge, if it passes over the precipice and turbulent river: the gap - is the gap between heaven and earth (apart from the yin yang - a condition dangerous to the heart and spleen), at least - is the fear and danger to the kidneys. But it's over, you can continue your journey with a sense of their own strength. The bridge will collapse / fall off a bridge in a dream - not to find ways to address the external and internal situation at the same time. Sleep is unfavorable - documented numerous options in front of him like serious shortcomings, failures and disease. Variants of sleep: the bridge may fall tram / train, which travels the dreamer, and so on. Think long before the bridge / afraid to go is a reflection of inner weakness, amorphous, reluctance to tackle the situation yourself, physically - is the lack of energy kidney. But if the line has been crossed yet in a dream, it already has a shift toward gaining strength and resolve problems. Do not cross the bridge - not overcome internal fears, blocks. Sleep is unfavorable: no traffic and no success. It is necessary to check the heart, kidneys, spleen,.

Lunar Dream Book

To avoid danger.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

The bridge to go means work; to see the red or collapsed bridge marks great fear; to fall from the bridge will presage unintentional loss something.

Medieval dream book of Daniil

To see bridges — to an illness.

Dream book of lovers

The bridge promises to people in love disappointment in love because of incorrectness of the elect.


To dream that you are crossing a bridge, signifies an important decision or a critical junction in your life. This decision will prove to be a positive change filled with prosperity and wealth in the horizon. Bridges represent a transitional period in your life where you will be moving on to a new stage. If the bridge is over water, then it suggests that your transition will be an emotional one. If you fall off the bridge and into the water, then the dream indicates that you are letting your emotions hold you back and prevent you from moving forward. Alternatively, the bridge may indicate that you are trying to "bridge" or connect two things together.

To dream of a run-down bridge, indicates that you should not contemplate any major changes in your life at this time.

To see a bridge collapse in your dream, denotes that you have let a great opportunity pass you by.

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Dream Interpretation sneaking Velez

Dreaming of a bridge across the abyss - the uncertainty in life.

Nostradamus’s dream book

Crossing a brightly lit bridge, and the bridge itself in good repair, with no difficulty, signifies a change in circumstances with a lot of prosperity heading your way. You should make no changes in your life, or your lifestyle, for the time being if the bridge had any kind of defects.

Children's Dream Book

The bridge — you will be able to achieve the objects, is cardinal to change the life with someone’s help. And, the person who will come to the rescue of you, will be reliable, if the bridge stone. If you dream a little begun to rot wooden or fragile suspension bridge, you mean not absolutely trust the friend and the patron. In this case it is better for you to count on the forces.

Dream book of the Wanderer

The bridge — symbolizes communication between people, and also transition (from one period of existence to another, from material life to otherworldly). The bridge — danger; changes; death; separation or proximity. Safely to pass - achievement of the purpose. The destroyed bridge - loss of opportunity, break of the relations.


If go on it without any problems - to recovery; in all other situations - successful overcoming of difficulties. Reconcile.

Old Russian Dream Book

To pass – to avoid danger, change; to see – failure.

Psychoanalytic dream book of V. Samokhvalov

On the bridge. Transition. A transition period between two periods of life of the individual. A way through, with use conscious (contrary to a way through unconscious which is designated by a tunnel). Phallus: connection of two bodies. Connection or communication with someone.

Schiller School student’s dream book

Heavy travel, barriers and difficulties.

Ukrainian Dream Book

To see the bridge – be careful. To pass the bridge – to avoid dangers. The bridge is sorted – a grief big, terrible; death. If the girl is translated through the bridge, will marry soon. To build: happiness and glory. The bridge and water rustles – somewhere will move.


Is in good condition - prejudge flat vital road, potholes - the plight of the.

Henry Rommel

To see the bridge from the side - to survive the event, which will share life two parts: "before" and "after"; relocation, marriage, career changes, but the relationship between the different periods will never be lost memories, friendships).To pass the bridge over the river, gulf of ways - to avoid danger, to complete the complex work, wait for the changes in life.Standing on the bridge - to get a job.New bridge - an unusual case; Repair of the bridge - a success; arched bridge - infidelity.Tumbledown swinging bridge - to anxiety, fear, doubt, lack of confidence.Fall from the bridge - to the illness or misfortune.

Miller’s dream book

To dream of a long half-ruined bridge that mysteriously bizarrely twisted in darkness - means that the deep melancholy of loss of the most expensive and dark thoughts will torture you. For young people in love and it promises disappointment in the most cherished hopes of the heart as the one they love, will not match their ideals. To move safely across the bridge - the final overcoming of the difficulties, though not entirely safe vehicles. Any obstruction or delay in this case is a disaster. If you see the bridge, suddenly emerged on your way, beware of treachery and false admirers. Abundance and prosperity come from the clear waters if in a dream you look down on the dirty muddy water, then wait for the unfortunate results of its most significant effort.

Russian Dream Book

Obstacles, difficulties, difficult journey.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Is in good condition - prejudice flat vital road, potholes - the plight of the.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Bridge see — be careful. Most go - to avoid danger. Bridge dismantled - a large mountain, terrible; death. If a girl is transferred across the bridge, you will get married soon. Build: happiness and glory. Most noise and water - somewhere will move.

Dream book of Vanga

The bridge in a dream is the hope, the promise, the oath. If you dream you are driving or walking over the bridge, and suddenly it is under you, falls, it means that soon you will betray the person you used to trust. You will be hard to experience this meanness, but ultimately justify and forgive the traitor. A dream in which you build a bridge, you portend a difficult period due to the fact that you have to take on a huge load of obligations to others. Go over the bridge for a long time - a dream foretells you the shame and remorse, as you do not do this you promise.


A passage from one phase to another in your life, or a transition to a new beginning

The ability to move above the challenges in your life, escaping

Difficulties (as in a dream bridge that lets you cross over dangerous

Waters below)—or taking a shortcut or more direct route

A connection from one dream area to the next

A transition from or one point in time to another point

The connection between one part of your life and another part

A connection between you and another person

For clues about the meaning of your dream bridge, consider what is being portrayed on each side of and under the bridge, and what role the bridge is playing.

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