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Dream «Garden»

Garden — a reflection of the perception and / or the state of his life. Reflection of perception and / or condition itself.

Miller’s dream book

If you dreamed that you were walking through the garden covered with flowers in the company of a loved one, it means that long courtship will get a logical and happy ending.

The garden was full of ripe fruit - it says that you will be rewarded for his dedicated service, or will find a full-fledged business leadership. For women, the dream appears a harbinger of a happy home, a faithful husband and a good, obedient kids.

In the garden you has dreamed lying around on the ground fruits were eaten by pigs - so in reality lose some property.

Collection of ripe fruit - for all people is a favorable sign of abundance. If the garden is swarming with vermin, some nasty creatures, then you are doomed to a miserable existence, living in an environment where other people are glad to be secured and.

If you are bypassing the garden, wandered into the Bramble, you probably find yourself party scandal or you will be jealous rivals.

Dreamed barren garden means that you no longer will have the opportunity to climb the ladder of life above.

Without foliage garden reflects your flippant attitude towards the future against a real pleasure.

If you had a garden that was raging hurricane, this means that you will visit a guest, you are clearly not rejoice; possible to perform unpleasant duties.

Loff’s dream book

Garden dream — a kind of metaphor for the perception of life. A well-maintained or neglected, or drooping fertile garden will say a lot about the perception of the man himself. Often the garden is a normal situation for the unfolding events - but in this case, the very fact of its appearance in a dream worthy of attention in the interpretation.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Walk — success, joy in deeds; pick flowers - allowances.

Hasse’s dream book

Strolled through the garden - life would be reasonable.

Esoteric Dream Book

Blooming — a good time for you, everything goes well. Naked launched - promising time, things will get confused; empty troubles.

Assyrian Dream Book

If a person in a dream comes into the orchard - the reality someone ease his suffering It freed from the heavy burden. If he goes into the garden - in reality he is cleared quickly from poverty and deprivation.

Modern dream book

Health, fortune and dreams.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

Creative activities. Peace, tranquility. If the garden is neat and tidy - then your work brings a good harvest.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

A garden can be a symbol of beauty and tranquility, as well as creative activities. Various aspects of your I can be reflected in the different plants and trees. This can be a symbol of those aspects of your personality that you pay special attention. If the garden is neat and tidy, it could be a sign that your hard work brings a good harvest. If the garden is overgrown with weeds, it means that you have to eliminate a lot of your life.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Sad to see the green - joy, health, the arrival of better times / woman. Stay in the garden - love and its development, marriage. Sitting in the garden - a happy marriage, a happy family, to be loved. It walks - fun, new love. It watering flowers - be patient. The conversation in the garden - pleasure. Greenhouse - beware of gossip. Seeing a pretty lady in a garden - to lose. Stranglethorn alley - a nice neighborhood, nice people. Neglected garden - Someone You Love is faulty / love, destroyed habit. In autumn or winter garden walk - regret irrevocable. Rose Garden - a desirable woman. Garden on a mountain or surrounded by a high mountain - a paradise, heavenly love.

New family dream book

A dream in which you and your beloved are going through a blooming garden, means that you have a successful business is moving to a wedding. Orchard dream to reward for faithful service or a full-fledged leadership in business. Women are a dream foretells a happy home, a devoted husband and good children. If you dream you collect ripe fruit, the abundance is not only in your home, but also in the whole country. Barren garden, unfortunately, says that in the near future you will not be able to climb the corporate ladder. Garden, stripped of leaves, - harbinger of what you show irresponsibility towards their future. Garden under hurricane wind dream to unwanted guests or unpleasant duties.

Ancient Zedkielya dream book

This is a very auspicious dream. Ptolemy calls it one of the best. franksimus says, "I figured out the many dreams and that of others, and I always thought it was a really good sleep. later I met these people who have reached the status and independence of the empty buddies, I saw successful businessmen, sailors, successfully voyages farmers collecting a rich harvest, as well as lovers marry with lovely young girls. everyone who sees such a dream, waiting for riches and honor ". but the garden is a dream to be full of lush bushes, colorful flowers and ripe fruit.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

You come to the orchard. - Presage great wealth. You walk among the fruit trees. - Will the material gain. On fruit trees a lot of fruits. - Says that the children and grandchildren in good condition. You go out in the garden. - Happiness.

East female dream book

Garden with evergreens promises a peaceful and prosperous life. In the garden you can see instead of fruit vegetables? This dream foretells poverty, the fate of the unfortunate and unfair gossip. However, mature women like a vision promises glory or happiness in family life. A dream in which you and your loved ones you walk through the garden of flowering shrubs and flowers, promises you to fully enjoy the happiness and financial independence.

Egyptian dream book of Pharaohs (Kenkherkhepeshef)

If a person sees himself in a dream sitting in the garden under the sun - well, it is a pleasure.

Lunar Dream Book

Success in affairs.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

To see a garden means pleasure and pleasure; in a garden to walk or to process it marks future wellbeing.

Dream book of lovers

The dream in which the man from darling goes through the blossoming gardens, foretells it happy love and the promising relations.


A garden can represent a form of paradise, as in the Garden of Eden. We are able to allow ourselves some spiritual relaxation and life need not be too much of a trial. Dreaming of herbs in a garden is often to do with the magical and mystical. The garden is often a symbol of the wilder feminine attributes, which need to be cultivated and tamed in order to create clarity. Enclosed gardens particularly have this significance and traditionally have represented virginity. Dreaming of a garden can be fascinating because it may indicate the area of growth in our own lives, or it can be that which we are trying to cultivate in ourselves. It often represents our inner life and that which we totally appreciate about our own being. In a womans dream a garden signifies her own personal space or territory, whereas for a man it will suggest a shared space. You might also like to consult the entries for Flowers, Gardener, Magic/Magician, Paradise, Plants and Weeds.

Nostradamus’s dream book

A garden filled with fresh growing vegetables denotes that you will be prosperous only if you exercise diligence in caring for your business. If your dream garden is of flowers and fresh green trees then it foretells of a true love and a pleasant home in lovely surroundings. Should the garden be dying then you must take steps to secure your enterprise.

Dream book of the Wanderer

Garden — a symbol of human activity, results of works, the relations, love. Blossoming, fructifying - a happiness symbol; the thrown - a state of mind, loneliness, dislike. The garden on an eminence fenced with a high fencing - unusual, sublime love. The gardener - the beloved, the spiritual assistant or the patron.


Will feel happy, the truth for a while if stay in With; sit down S. - to long and happy life and if it is sick - to recovery. A botanical garden - excursion according to B. of page - to a pacification, rest, opportunity without hindrances to do favorite thing.

Psychoanalytic dream book of V. Samokhvalov

Place of submission, selection, protection in connection with its cultivation. Consciousness which orders the unconscious. Symbol ambivalent to the wood. A female symbol which is especially emphasized with "gate" in a garden protection. Internal life of the individual. Aspects of his personality which are cultivated consciously. Can represent various aspects of consciousness of the individual, and the dream can specify that is ignored. The geometry of a garden or park reflects the World picture by the principle of a mandala and is connected with concrete culture (a formal garden, a Japanese rock-garden, a garden for a tea ceremony).

Schiller School student’s dream book

Blossoming, big – abundance and success in affairs; the started, sad withering – a sad old age.

Slavic dream book

To wellbeing and pleasure

Ukrainian Dream Book

Garden – disappointment. The garden blossoming – implementation of desires, success; it is started – a lonely old age. The garden blossomed – the dead person. The garden blossomed – protect all family.

Azar’s dream book

Hope for a better life.


To dream that you are with your lover go through a blooming garden - a sign of exquisite complete a long courtship. If the garden is full of ripe fruit - it portends a reward for faithful service or full leadership in business. Alternative interpretation of what does it mean when you dream about garden

A dream in which you see a garden with evergreens, promises a peaceful and prosperous life. If in the garden instead of fruits you see the vegetables, then it is a sign of poverty, failed destinies and unfair rumors. However, mature women a dream promises glory or happiness in family life. If you dream that you are walking in the garden among the blooming shrubs and flowers with her lover, then in reality you are fully enjoy the unalloyed happiness and financial independence.

Henry Rommel

Blooming garden or a beautiful garden with trees, dotted with fruit - a symbol success in life, your well-being and satisfaction of personal life.Passing through a garden, walk in it or work (collecting fruits or berries from shrubs) - a very good sleep.Often such dreams about the garden and the emergence of marks you disciples, followers in your business, regarding to you with great respect.If the garden looks very neglected or even abandoned, you will neglect the business partners: they will try to solve the critical issues behind your back.Damaged trees or shrubs branches without leaves, and so on. n. - to the obstacles on the path of life.Fading garden - a sad old age.

Islamic dream interpretation

To see a garden - means things worldly, and the value of trees has to do with women.

Miller’s dream book

To dream that you are with your lover go through a blooming garden - a sign of complete delicious long courtship. If the garden is full of ripe fruit - it portends a reward for faithful service or full leadership in business. Women are a dream foretells a happy home, faithful husband and good children. If you dream that you see in the garden of pigs who eat fallen fruit - it's a sign that you will lose the property. Collect ripe fruit - happy sign of abundance for all people. Garden, infested with parasites, promises you a miserable existence in an atmosphere of prosperity and happiness of others. Wander into blackberries, passing through the garden, is intended to alert you of jealous rivals or noisy scandals. If you dream that you see a barren garden - you will not be possible to climb higher on the ladder of life. If you see a garden, devoid of leaves, it means that you are enjoying the present, will be careless about the future. See garden under heavy winds - a sign that will not welcome or unpleasant duties.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

False rumors.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Garden — a shame. Garden blooming - realization of desires, success; launched - a lonely old age. Sadiq flowered - dead. Sadiq flowered - take care of the whole family.


Your life and all the aspects of it. Also pay attention to the state of the garden, and any parts of it that feels significant. If it is overrun with weeds, perhaps you could benefit by putting more attention on your responsibilities and life management.