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Dream «Flowers»

To worry, hassle.

Dream book of Vanga

Adream in which you have pricked his hand on donated you flowers, means that in reality you will experience a strong emotional and heart pain due to infidelity or a close loved one. If you had a dream that someone trampled the flowers in your garden - it heralds the machinations of enemies who will do everything possible so that you do not receive the necessary information for you. In a dream you have seen in your house a large number of pot plants - it symbolizes the feelings of secrecy. You had a beautiful garden, full of unusually beautiful flowers, you breathe in their wonderful flavor. This dream foretells you awake unusual, romantic encounters. Withered flowers in sleep predict health problems and separation. A dream in which you are planting flowers in her garden, means that in reality you make a noble and wise thing to do. If you dream you see how your fans are literally showered with flowers - in real life, it suggests that your emotional loneliness can be tightened. Your exaggerated claims likely will remain unfulfilled. In the dream you are currently weaves a wreath of wild flowers - the dream suggests that soon you will meet your love and create a happy family. A dream in which you receive a gift in the indoor pot flower, means that you get the news about the deceased person.

Miller’s dream book

To dream of flowers in the garden portends you pleasure and acquisition, unless flowers bright and fresh; White - it means sadness. Withered and dried flowers bode trouble. If a young person gets a dream bouquet of different colors - it is predicted that it will have a lot of fans. To see the flowers growing on barren land, it portends unfortunate event. However, it also promises a dream that, thanks to his energy and optimism, you will be able to pave the way to a prominent position and happiness.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Sad (if a lot of flowers), the joy; White - for the wedding.

Loff’s dream book

Flowers — is the universal symbol of beauty. For accurate interpretation it is important to analyze the color of the flower. This applies particularly to the dreams in which the flowers appear with uncharacteristic for their color (eg, green roses). Do not be surprised if your dream (a) boyfriend / girlfriend will give you a green rose. This means that in real life you meet with a passion of his friend / girlfriend or they are jealous of your romantic attachment. In your mind fixed some experience with color that SUBCONSCIOUSNESS now trying to use to represent the situation. This applies in particular to cases where you give flowers to someone, or someone gives you flowers. Connected to you some memories with some flowers - for example, the favorite flowers of childhood, the death of a loved one, a school meeting or an affair? Here are some interpretations appearing in the dreams of colors: Lilac - poison, disease, and death; Daisy - hesitant feelings; he who gives, is the object of interest; Orchid - sexy, sensual; Rose - red - love, yellow - friendship, white - purity, black - death; Lily - update the freshness of spring, rebirth; Narcissus - self-love, a reflection of self.

Hasse’s dream book

Beautiful colors of joy to life; you handed - then you are loved; make bouquets - soon waiting for the big joy.

Wilted flower dreams to what your circumstances change for the worse.

Longo’s dream book

Flowers — only harbingers of good, happy events. Meadow flowers in a dream to a swift joyous events. Little joy will fill your every passing day, and it will give you the opportunity to feel yourself a happy man.

You have decided on a meadow to gather a bouquet - so will try very hard to give pleasure not only to yourself, but to others. How long will the idyll - it depends entirely on you. If you're always good to know, that life will turn to you for a long time his lighter side. Living in an atmosphere of peace and mutual love deserves to be for her to try, because each of us have our life's problems and troubles.

Presented a bouquet of flowers in a dream to someone from the family - the dream suggests that soon you will be able to show strength of her feelings for her dear people, and you employ this chance to fully.

Handed a bouquet of a stranger of the opposite sex - so, there will be a fateful meeting; you finally come to the understanding that you found his half. At the same time, to find his only - that's half the battle: you have to tell him about filling your heart feelings. The sooner you gathered courage, utter the most, perhaps, important words in his life, the more surely will know the personal happiness.

To put in a vase bouquet - the dream promises that your life will be calm, without turmoil and upheaval. You will have the opportunity to give their most expensive people more time and attention. If you generously bestow their attention and love, it will pay off handsomely.

Esoteric Dream Book

To collect, see, we get fresh - for good luck and joy, if they in a bouquet or flowerbed. See. "Decorating". Dried, wilted - to boredom, after the devastation of joyful events. Give, give - the same, but because of something whose explicit intervention. Pluck petals - with their own hands to make myself miserable, but to give vent to feelings.

Modern dream book

Growing Flowers dreaming for something new, warn about the good news, unexpected meetings, long-awaited acquisitions. It is important that they were real, fresh, with no signs of fading.

If the dreamer dreams wilted or dried flowers, it predicts a loss, strong emotions, grief.

Dreaming of white flowers - so in reality you expect longing and loneliness. The same dream, seen on Thursday, predicts a pleasant meeting with interesting and beautiful appearance woman.

If you dream you are drowning in a sea of ​​flowers, then it suggests that you possess strong feelings of love. Although the colorful dream may have a different, more mundane interpretation.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

Beauty and the flourishing.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Flowers in general (especially white and red) - the joy, fun. Plant flowers in the flower bed - something unpleasant. Smell the flowers - the loss. Collect - the joy. Pick a flower - a friend to find / make a step to the next, get a kiss, get a date, etc. / Secret pleasure deny or lose innocence. Flower buds to see - well. Withered flowers - illness. A lone flower in a vase - a desirable woman and what happens to her, due to her. Bouquet of flowers - the joy / happiness in love. Bouquets do collect - nice fun. A lot of flowers - a nice circle of friends. Withered bouquet - the coldness of love or marriage. Flying flowers to see - some fantastic condition caused by dreams, drugs / day dreams are waiting for you. Flowers, sucking blood - deceit on the part of his beloved birds / danger of excessive joy. Artificial flowers or get to see - a sad event / threat to your life or the life of a loved one. They do - to weave a lie. Burn them - a desire to make a clean break with the old relationship, a new start. Different plants and flowers in the dream: Astra - the soul, drawn to the mysterious, ethereal, otherworldly / something mystical. Velvet ribbon - the joy. Black velvet ribbon - grief. Belen - some evil woman / witch. Periwinkle - a sincere love of friends / pure love. Cornflower - A Change of Heart. Tear it - a change in the affairs of. Heather blooming - Implementation of hope. Dried - life will require of you a lot of patience and endurance. Hyacinth - pure, unexpected joy / happiness in love. Datura bush - you are cheating. Jasmine - luck in love / tryst / voluptuous attraction. Larkspur - true friends / marriage / gratitude. Irises - effeminate man / languid causeless sadness. See a lot of irises, iris fields - Connect with your perfect life in art. Kupalnitsa - seduced and betrayed by a female soul / woman's revenge. Nettle - danger of crafty friends / illness. Her tear - to drive the enemy out of the house / nuisance. Nettle is - bad luck. Nettle plant - associate themselves with the company scams. Clover - happiness. Reed - the joy. Cacti in pots - your emotional callousness, alienation. In and put a lot of prickly cactus - evil and bad thoughts prevent you to perceive reality. Buttercups - treason / betrayal. Collecting them - are willing to change / your thoughts and actions secretly poisoned vice. Quinoa - compassion / poverty / unremarkable life. Mugs - attention, love and affection on the part of the doghouse you man. Lily of the valley - good feelings, affection. Lily of the valley dry - you are too much you demand from life and from others, and therefore always irritated and dissatisfied. Dry Lavender - the same as the "lily of the valley dry". Mint tear - well-being. Mak see vomit, is - joy. Moss to see - to wealth, happiness, success. Forget-me-not - romantic feeling. Her pluck - the loss. Narcissus - gossip / secret pleasures / a proud man. Orchid - something rare, wonderful, unique. Primrose - difficult circumstances with regard to the people, especially in the love. Sunflower - big outward success, which internally will seem insignificant. Wormwood - sadness, crying. There is of it - to the disease. Peony - focus, concentration on his condition, ecstasy, rapture, and above all his love and happiness / too busy a man. Fern tear, they decorate the room - someone to tempt, seduce. Ferns - get the secret power over man. See how it blooms - happiness, luck, which imposes a great responsibility on you. Reseda - something that has long existed in your life, suddenly appears to you as a new. Rhododendron - a new acquaintance that quickly disappoint. Daisy - small joys that brighten up your day / pay attention to your health. Burdock - intruder, vexation of it. Lilac - an erotic adventure / diseases associated with sexual activity. Tulip see - the damage from the arrogance and boastfulness. Have a tulip - to deal with an arrogant man / love without hope. Tear the tulip - to achieve the proud and beautiful woman. Violets - fidelity in love / modest girl / someone deliberately concealing their quality / not pass by unnoticed events. Chrysanthemum see - compassion, someone needs help. Hops - income, wealth. Chicory - Fun.

New family dream book

A dream of growing in the garden foretells a variety of bright colors and fun acquisition. White flowers dream to sadness. Wilted and dried - in trouble. The girl, who had a dream a bunch of different colors, there will be many fans.

Ancient Zedkielya dream book

If you dream that you are vomiting lovely fragrant flowers, - the dream to welfare. You will be lucky in all your endeavors. If you dream you are composing bouquet - a dream portends a very desirable for you marriage. If you do not get a bouquet of flowers and scattered them and you can not use them - then. Your rosy hopes for a bright future will not come true. If you see the withered flowers - which bodes ill health or impending death of a loved one.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

On dry tree flowers - predict happiness and prosperity children and grandchildren; share with someone flowers - parting with this man; crumpled flowers - wife or a mistress is going to change.

Many bouquets - sorrow;


White wedding.

Also see. Garden, Bouquet, Wood, Water, Camomile.

Sadness (if a lot of flower arrangement); joy; white wedding.

If You dream that You tear the beautiful flowers, - this dream to prosperity. You'll be lucky in all Your endeavors.

If in the sleep You make a bouquet sleep portends a very desirable marriage for You.

If the bouquet fails, or flowers scattered and You can't muster the means. Your high hopes of a bright future will never come true.

If You see a faded flowers - this bodes ill-health or death approaching someone close.

Collect, see, receive: fresh - to luck and joy when they are in a bouquet or a flower-bed. Cm. "Decorate\. Dried, faded - to boredom, devastated after a joyful event. Give, give, - the same, but thanks to whose the explicit intervention. Break off the petals with his hands to make yourself miserable, but to give vent to feelings.

Beautiful — joy in life get - love you knit - soon will be a great joy faded - disease.

Keep or sniff in a dream flowers in the summer means joy, pleasure and solace. If such a dream winter and late autumn when the flowers are white, this bodes obstacle in the performance of intentions and a bad outcome launched Affairs. If You keep the yellow flowers, the obstacles are not as formidable. Red flowers promise minor difficulties, and the successful completion of Affairs of the. Sniff in a dream rose's that time of year, when they bloom - good sign for all, except for patients. To them, this dream threatens long illness. For criminals sleep portends failure. In winter this dream means the opposite. Who dreams that he is sniffing sage, hyssop, rosemary or other colors such as these, also expects to work, boredom and weakness. Only doctors this bodes well for the dream. Keep hands, see, or smell in a dream lilies at any time of the year promises the fulfillment of desires. See and sniff in a dream flowers Laurel, olive tree or palm portends: the woman - the birth of children, girl - speedy marriage, and the man - joy, friendship, prosperity, abundance and good luck in all his enterprises.

Flowers is a universal symbol of beauty. For accurate interpretation is important to analyze the color of the flower. This applies particularly to dreams, in which flowers appear with unusual for the color (for example, green roses). Do not be surprised if in a dream, your friend will give you the green roses. This means that in real life you either meet with the passion of his friend, or they are jealous of your romantic attachments. In your mind define a certain experience with the flowers, which SUBCONSCIOUS now trying to use to represent the situation. This applies in particular to cases, when you give flowers to someone or someone gives you flowers. Are you certain memories with some flowers - for example, the favorite flowers of childhood bereavement, school rendezvous or a love affair? Here interpretation for some appearing in dreams color: lilac - poison, sickness, death; Daisy - indecisiveness feelings; he who gives, is the object of interest; Orchid - sexuality, sensuality; rose - red is love, yellow - friendship, white - purity, black - death; Lily - update, spring freshness, revival; Narcissus - love, self-reflection of their own I.

Dream flowers in the garden heralds You pleasure and acquisition, if only bright and fresh flowers; white - mean sorrow. Withered and dried flowers promise trouble. If the young person receives in a dream bouquet of different Color is predicts that it will have a lot of fans. See the flowers growing on barren land, the heralds of sad event. However, sleeping promises, thanks to his energy and optimism You will be able to pave the way to a prominent position and happiness.

See a vivid and fresh flowers in the garden pleasure and acquisition;

White — sadness;

Withered and dried flowers - trouble;

For a young person - to get a bouquet of different color - You will have a lot of fans;

Flowers growing on barren land - sad event, but due to his energy and optimism You will be able to pave the way to a prominent position and happiness.

Also see. A bouquet, a Wreath, Heather, Hyacinth, Water Lily, Hair, Mac, Dahlias, Jasmine, Ikebana, Cemetery, Daisy, Clover, Lily, Lily, the Steppe, the Footpath, Marigold (flowers), Dandelion, Rose, Violet, Chrysanthemum.


See — sadness (if a lot of flower arrangement); white - joy; faded - arrogance; bedroom - pleasure; tear their marriage with your favorite special.

Blooming flowers — for good. As the dream of the flower, that will be something for you joy; wedding. White flowers - the joy of a large. As a bundle (bouquet) colors dream about the change of life. If a girl dreams of flowers, she will get acquainted with the Cavaliers (flowers is a maiden fate). As the dream of the flower is clear is good; and as the dark, poorly. If flowers with dew - end nuisance; flowers wilted warning about the dangers of; flowers dry - on the bad. Kvitka beautiful, and then fall-evil, not going to have kids to feed. As the dreams that tear the flowers, " good, but as you plant is bad. So the tree is growing is a good fall - bad. Home flowers bloom death. Collect flower - to cry. Red flowers - before the wedding. Someone gave, gave a bouquet of flowers is the joy, acquaintance. Flowers watered - house joy, happiness.

If in the sleep you take the flowers to make of them a bouquet, in real life this dream signifies your introduction to the knowledge and comprehension of the world. A dream in which you stuck your hand on brought to you by flowers, means that in reality you will experience a strong soul and heart ache because of the treachery, or a close loved one. If you dream that someone tread in your garden flowers - this bodes intrigues of enemies who will do their best to you not received the necessary information for you. In a dream you have seen in his house a large number of flowers is symbolizes the subtlety of feelings. You had a beautiful garden full of beautiful flowers, you inhale their wonderful aroma. This dream foretells you awake unusual, romantic. Faded flowers in a dream predict health problems, and separation. A dream in which you plant in your garden flowers, means that in reality you make a noble and wise move. If in the sleep you see how the fans literally showered you with flowers, in real life, this indicates that your emotional loneliness may be delayed. Your extravagant claims is likely to remain unfulfilled. In a dream you weaves itself a wreath of wildflowers the dream suggests that soon you will find your love and create happy family. A dream in which you receive a gift in the indoor potted flower, means that you will receive news about the person who died.

If in the sleep you go on stilts, it means that you are in danger of losing the leg, probably as a result of accident.

A dream in which you offer a walk on stilts, and you refuse, foretells that you are a miracle avoid the risk, you will be shocked, when considering possible consequences of the incident to which you reach by pure chance.

See the man walking on stilts, - in reality become a witness of a terrible accident. You'll see blood and suffering of a stranger.

East female dream book

If dreamed you that you hold in hand a bouquet from the most different flowers, you are waited by pleasant entertainments and courtings of a great number of admirers.

Vedic dream book of Shivananda

If you dream you collect the flowers, it is a harbinger of prosperity. You will be lucky in all his undertakings.

Dream book of Health

See fresh, fragrant flowers - to positive emotions; Withered flowers - to disease; Give flowers a lovely person of the opposite sex - to sexual dissatisfaction.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

To pick flowers means great happiness;


Spiritually flowers signify love and compassion, both that which we may receive and that which we give to others. The feminine principle is often represented in dreams by flowers, as is childhood. The bud represents the potential available, while the opening flower indicates development. To be given a bouquet - and the colour of the flowers may be important - means that we are being rewarded for an action, perhaps a spiritual offering of some sort. Each individual flower has a particular symbolism in dreams and below are just a few. These meanings arise from often ancient symbolism.

Anenome — forsaken by love.

Arum Lily - intensity of love and nowadays also mourning.

Bluebell — humility.

Buttercup - childishness, innocent action.

Carnation — fascination.

Clove — the Holy Trinity, completion.

Chrysanthemum — cheerfulness and friendship.

Daffodil - deceitful in love.

Daisy - wakefulness and awareness.

Forget-me-not - memories of true love.

Forsythia — anticipation of good times.

Geranium - foolishness.

Honeysuckle - affectionate ties.

Iris - courage, faith and hope.

Jasmine - charming and loveable.

Lime/Linden — married love.

Marigold - trouble and jealousy.

Mistletoe - clinging affection.

Myrtle - love and marriage.

Narcissus - selfishness and egotism.

Peony — shame and distress.

Poppy — sleep and sweet oblivion.

Primrose — total devotion.

Rose — love, and perhaps a wedding.

Snowdrop - consolation.

Tulip — the perfect lover.

Violet - modesty and faithfulness.

Flowers in a dream usually give us the opportunity to link to feelings of pleasure and beauty. We are aware that something new, perhaps a feeling or ability, is beginning to come into being and that there is a freshness about what we are doing. Also consult the entry for Colour and Garden.

Children's Dream Book

Flowers — to concern, efforts.


To an illness, if C. broken or cut off; to acquisition, pleasure.

Lunar Dream Book


Old Russian Dream Book

Grief (if there are a lot of bouquets); pleasure; the white – to a wedding.

Schiller School student’s dream book


Slavic dream book

Fortunately, but field – to loss; flowers faded – to adversities

Ukrainian Dream Book

Flowers – on good blossom. As dream a flower, there will be some pleasure for you; wedding. White flowers – pleasure big. As the bunch (bouquet) of flowers will dream, change of life. If the girl dreams flowers, she will meet gentlemen (color y-is maiden destiny). As the flower clear, kind and as dark, it is bad dreams. If flowers with dew – comes to an end trouble; flowers zavyadshy – the danger warning; flowers dry – on bad. Receipts beautiful, and fall down then – bad, children will not be fed. As dreams that you pick flowers, – kind and as you sit down it it is bad. Also and tree: grows – kind, will fall – badly. House flowers blossom – to death. To collect flowers – to crying. Red flowers – before a wedding. Someone gave, presented a bouquet of flowers – pleasure, acquaintance. To water flowers – at home pleasure, happiness.


To dream of flowers in the garden portends you to enjoy and purchase, unless the flowers are bright and fresh, white - mean sadness. Withered and dried flowers promise of trouble. Alternative interpretation of what does it mean when you dream about flowers

If you have dreamed of flowers blooming in the garden, then wait for pleasure and profit. However, this is only the case if the flowers are fresh and bright. If the flowers started to wilt, you get any disappointment. White flowers dream to be sad. If a young woman dreams that she received a bouquet made up of different colors, it should expect a lot of fans. Sleep in which flowers bloom on a barren soil, predicts that thanks to its energy and mind you will be able to overcome all difficulties and achieve success.

Henry Rommel

If you had a flower in the garden flower beds or potted plants - is a dream in the fun, enjoyment, acquisition.Many flowers - to sadness.One flower - to the delight.White Flowers can symbolize purity, the impending wedding, but can mean and sad events.Get a bunch of different colors - have a lot of fans and admirers.Withered flowers - the manifestation of arrogance, dried - in trouble.Artificial flowers mean that what you take for happiness, it is not an alternative.Picking flowers, make bouquets - worthy of great praise, or soon to marry a loved one.Watering flowers in the room - a wonderful meeting.To smell the flowers - to comfort, care; for patients - a long illness; for criminals - to capture.Summer flowers in winter - to the dismay and obstacles in affairs.Red flowers predict violent passion; pink and blue - the care and tenderness; yellow - change once a loved one.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Fun, beautiful - the joy in life, to get - you like ; knitting - will soon be a great joy faded - a disease.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Blooming flowers — for good. How to remove the flower, there will be some joy to you; wedding. White flowers - a great joy. As the beam (bouquet) dream of flowers, the change of life. If a girl dreams of flowers, she will get acquainted with the Cavaliers (flowers - a maiden destiny). How clear dream flower, the good as well as the dark is bad. If the flowers with dew - will end a nuisance; wilted flowers - warning of danger; Dry flowers - on evil. Kvitki beautiful, and then fall -nedobroe not have children to feed. As a dream that rvesh flowers - good, but as sadish - it's bad. As the tree: growing - good to fall - bad. Home flowers bloom - death. Flowers to collect - to pay. Red flowers - before the wedding. Someone gave a bouquet of flowers presented -radost acquaintance. Flowers watered - home joy, happiness.