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The interpretation of the dream «Window»

Window — a reflection of idealism in general. Reminders of that vision often far from reality.

Freud’s dream book

If you dreamed that you were looking out the window, it means that in reality, you often insulate yourself from your partner, the closing if something did not work out the way you want. So you're looking to keep your relationship unshakable. Understand that you are thereby causing irreparable harm to this very relationship and your role in them, in particular. You can not carry the entire load and carry all the responsibility for what is happening. If you want to maintain harmonious relations, divide everything in half and solve all the problems together. Break a window in a dream - a dream means that in reality, an intimate affair ever strongly complicate your life and you come up with a whole bunch of problems solved overnight which will not be easy.

Miller’s dream book

If you had a window, it means that your carefully nurtured plans, your hopes, that you are so cherished, will suffer a complete collapse. You have to go through a time when your most wonderful venture fails, creating in you despair. You are destined to be the fruit of a barren beginnings. Dreamed closed window can be considered as the personification of abandonment. Broken windows dream to what you will be miserable too strong suspicion of treason. Stupidity, folly, folly will become for you a source of great suffering, if in a dream you were sitting on the window. Get into the house through a window - a dream foretells that you will be convicted of using unfair means to achieve the goal, which seemed on the part of a noble. Escaped through a window - then the trouble will impact you in their terrible grip. If you have somewhere to go and on the road looking out the window and saw something strange, the reality in some favorites you actually expect you to failure, and eventually you will no longer be respected, and it is precisely for the sake of respect for you to stake their own welfare Health.

Loff’s dream book

Windows often show us the world as it could be, but do not let him feel. Windows can be insidious, mislead us. This may mean frustration, defense or an illusion, a dream in a prison window may symbolize the desired person or situation in which you just can not be. It is a common phenomenon in life. If the situation outside looks hostile, and you find yourself on the other side of the window to make sure that the experience, then you find out that you cheated. In windows you can sometimes see what there is, in fact, not. Perhaps it is time to overcome their uncertainty and their own skin to feel the rhythm of life, and not to look as it passes by. If the opposite is true, and the pastoral scene outside the window is an alarming reality, then perhaps you feel that life is misleading and does not always fulfill their promises. The window may be the beginning of the passage from this world to another. Dreams of this nature are common among those who practice astral projection or generates a sense of detachment from the madding crowd. Windows of this type can open you to the reality in which you could potentially plunge. You open the window in his sleep, walk past him without even looking, or close? The images on the other side of the window are clear or vague, as if in a fog?.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Expectation; the wide-open - regret; knock and go outside - the implementation of desires.

Hasse’s dream book

Looking through a window represents insight and attitude towards life. What you see out the window, whether it's a positive or negative view, suggests how optimistic or pessimistic you are in general. To see shattered or broken windows symbolizes unhappy times and disloyal friends.

Esoteric Dream Book

Dreamed many windows inside symbolizes the world of the soul, its limitless space. See cordoned - a sign of hidden spiritual mysteries, you are required to make efforts to disclose their. Open windows can be regarded as an invitation to break away from all earthly concerns, focusing on the world of things above. That which is seen in a dream out of the window - these are the events that take place in the higher plane. Outside, look in the window - it is a look into the depths of consciousness, where you can see relating to the subconscious mind. There were round, oval, semi-oval shape - you have clairaudient channel, which should involve. Climbed out the window - striving for spiritual knowledge, will demonstrate willfulness and excessive persistence. Smashed window - a sign of overcoming the boundaries between fine and the material world, access to the open spaces of the soul.

Longo’s dream book

Watch to see yourself something out of the window - the dream tells us that life is becoming an increasingly routine and uninteresting, and the blame for your low self-esteem. You would have cost to develop a sense of confidence, learn to evaluate themselves the true. Ignoring this advice, you will notice that others will accept your "spineless" and the desire to remain in the shadows, will use you as its own, is not always noble, goals.

Wash the window - the dream calls to follow very closely the behavior of friends. Sleep can be regarded as a warning of impending danger to you by some person. It is difficult to say more specifically what he is, so you'll have to settle for this rather abstract warning and prevention try to talk less about sensitive topics just for you with all the surrounding.

If you jumped out the window, it means that someone else's point of view, you do not care, matters only your position. On the one hand, this approach to yourself and life in general is quite good, but on the other - there is a risk of falling from the high pedestal of himself erected. If you do it this way and do not think about it and do not change the course of action, then sooner or later you will still fall off from there, and the impact can be quite significant and painful. Treat closer to the opinions of others, especially as it is, strange as it may seem to you, not always wrongly.

If you want to open the window to let fresh air into the room, it means that you must urgently get rid of one's harmful effects. You recently so often fall prey to all kinds of troubles that may be, no longer just thinking that in your case clearly interfere with some fateful circumstances, someone will unkind. Your aura should fix specialists. But, since it does not always and not everyone has the opportunity to address the real magician, you can give yourself the "first aid" - read any plot against the evil eye and spoilage.

Azar’s dream book

To the news from afar.

Expectation; the wide-open - regret.

Lots of windows from the inside - the world of the soul and its high space. Cordoned - hidden spiritual mysteries, it is necessary to make an effort to disclose their. Wide open - an invitation to break away from worldly affairs and turn its attention to the world of "heavenly". The view from the window - what's going on in the higher plane. To look into the window from the outside - look deep into the consciousness, you will see that relate to the subconscious mind, psyche. The windows are round, oval, semi-oval - you have a "channel" clairaudient. It is necessary to use. Climb out the window - show willfulness and excessive insistence on spiritual knowledge. Break the window - punch line between thin and dense world, break out into the open soul.

Closed — courage will lead you to your goal to climb through an open window - Untimely company peek - get the news box on the roof - the well-being.

See the window in his sleep - Herald doom brilliant hopes. You will see how your most wonderful company collapses, leading you into despair. Your destiny will be fruitless endeavor; To see closed windows - a way of abandonment. If they are broken, you will be persecuted miserable suspicions of infidelity. Sitting on the window - which means that you will be the victim of folly, folly, folly. Enter the house through the window - it means that you will be caught for using dishonest means to an end, seeming to look noble. Escape through the window - which means that you will be in trouble, which ruthlessly compress you in its grip. Look out the window, passing by, and see strange things - foretells that you will fail to favorites case and lose the respect for which risked the health and welfare.

SeeJournal of doom shining hope, you will see how your most wonderful company to collapse, bringing you into despair, your destiny will be fruitless endeavor;

Closed windows — the image of abandonment;

Broken — you will pursue miserable suspicions of infidelity;

Sitting on the window - you'll be the victim of folly, folly, folly;

Enter the house through a window - you will be caught for using dishonest means to an end, seeming to look noble;

Escape through the window - you will be in trouble, which ruthlessly compress you in its grip;

Look out the window while passing by and see strange things - you will fail to favorites case and lose the respect for which risked the health and welfare;

Hand touch the glass window - you get in touch with the unknown;

Talk to someone through the open window - difficulties which will bring you a lot of troubles;

Break a window - failure.

Also see. Glass, Talking, Prison.

Open — regret; Closed - boredom; fall out of it - a fight to fight; to get into his apartment through a window - prolonged illness.

Dream about the windows - an adverse omen. It portends frustration.

If you dream of closed windows, it is a sign of neglect.

If the windows are broken, then you are suffering from unfounded suspicions of infidelity.

A dream in which you are sitting at a window, foretells that you run the risk of becoming a victim of its own jealousy.

If for any reason you enter the house through a window, and not through the door, then you will likely be accused of using unfair means to achieve the goals that you deem noble.

If you dream you are forced to escape through a window, then beware of being pushed into a corner.

To look into people's windows and see the strange figures mean that you made a mistake when choosing a career.

Window openGuest; sorry for something; look out the window - will be news; Lighting - sums.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

Insight into other dimensions. Looking to the future or the past.

Dream book of the Maya

Good znachenieEsli you dreamed closed window, at the moment you are in complete safety. To this period lasted for as long as possible, lay beside each window on a small pebble. ZnachenieEsli bad dream you open the window, someone blatantly wants to break into your life. In the near future should be covered home windows and doors.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Look out the window - peace, peace, security situation. In it, or get out of it to fall - the failure of a frivolous venture, quarrel. In his climb - careless interference in the affairs of others / mystery that can easily be opened / desire to return "a" to be the same, something to forget; secret from family / incestuous attraction. Split Window - trouble. Of the dormer window to watch - hope. Bars on the window to see - separation. Grates put - out of fear to deprive themselves of the joys of life; abandon the interest of enterprises. In a dark room through a window to climb - a passionate desire to experience. In a dark room outside the window break - losing innocence / and on some occasion will have to remember this. The glass in the window insert - take precautions. Through the broken, fissured look - it is necessary to continue the fight, despite the failure. An empty window frame to see - a mockery / your sex life will be the subject of gossip. The window opens in the afternoon breeze - in life is something new, and you do not notice. Opens at night - in your life is obviously something new and important, but the consequences of this are unclear. The wind blows something - a new life and invade mix up all your plans. And extinguishes the candle - the news of the death / suicidal thoughts. Wind throws open the window, and you're trying vainly to close it - fear of the world experience. Bright window with lace curtains to see - the harmony of the external world in your spiritual life. They hang - embellish their view of the world for the sake of peace of mind. The curtains on the window burn - a swift turn of events. The window for the winter to seal, dense curtain zadergivat - a premonition of life's storms, the need to take precautions. The window in your room seems too big - to feel a sense of insecurity, fear someone. Too small - choking, heart attack, bondage. In the pink glasses - you impose itself another view of the world. Green glass - something urgent and disease comes from outside into your soul. With yellow glasses - anger and jealousy prevent you from seeing things correctly. With blue glasses - melancholy and sadness. The red glasses - hatred and vindictiveness dangerous distort your view of the world. Stained glass in their windows to see - vainly trying to retreat into the world of fine or religion. Window be closed - vague fears / some damage. Plow - wait, which itself seems hopeless. In the open window in the room and be afraid that someone will get - fear of the future experience. Thrown into your open window thing, an animal or a bird hit one - the messengers of the future, they talk about his character. Someone breaks a window - important for your future dating / in you wake up the dark forces. Watch for him and strike - a sign of internal, hidden despair in relations with the world. Through the window she climbs - the new craze. Shutters locked in a dream - a futile precaution. Window to the Web, in the crevices; to shutter peek out - to feel peace of stagnation due to the closed life. In a room with no windows and doors to be - in vain to find my way to the people / yearn to be alone. Window in the wall behind him and the green light - the harmony of the external and internal world. Behind him darkness and monsters - you live, facing only their inner world. The view from the window outside the blizzard, a storm to see - the storms of life pass by. Heavy rain - something good, joyful. Desert - hold on to the outside world an uncompromising, hard-line stance, try to submit to his will, and to suffer from this. Destruction, the ruins of the window - something to ruin his relationship with the people / stand alone. The sea outside the window - it is necessary to strictly control their actions. If it is peaceful - a great happiness, joy. Most of the river outside the window to see - live away from the flow of life and yearn for the hustle and bustle and noise. Open to the horizon to see the landscape from the window - it's parts symbolize your outlook. Pitch dark outside the window - the unknown future, not clear to you now / you turned to the world of magic and dark forces. A blank wall of another building outside the window - someone influences your destiny, trying to drive it in a certain framework. Street outside the window - trouble looming over you / to see the world from the. Garden, trees outside the window - live immersed in memories / to perceive the world through the eyes of another person / not to have an opinion. Outside the window to see a strange perspective of buildings, aiming straight at your window - completely immerse themselves in the life of the body / spirit rob yourself. Demonic hari the window to see - your passion blind you from the world, you see only their. Fixed faces - someone is watching you intently. Tantalizing faces - someone wants to get you to act according to his will. The unbearable light outside the window - an invasion of your life unknown forces. Outside the window, the window to see an empty room - experience intense longing for another person. With room for which people go - to yearn for the person whom you do not need. Right outside another room - love and harmony will replace your whole external world. Staircase leading up from the window to see - hope for relief, deliverance, liberation. The apartment has a window between the rooms have only - to be locked in a world of his family and those burdened. Outside the window, hanging in the air is going behind the horizon road - weighed down by a / strive to break free from all the usual. Outside the window, the house burning - peace and happiness. In the window looking skull - to realize that the outside world is not expensive to you people / yearn for the dead. In his knock, and who can not be seen - the prevention of the disaster / authoritative requirement to do his duty / greetings from beyond the grave. Someone in the dark bangs - a commitment that conscience would not allow the. From the street to look at the dark window - vainly trying to understand someone else's soul and the lives of others. In the family box, sitting peacefully, see - a premonition of separation. And even if you're sitting there with them - leave it at will. Someone else's family to see - to yearn for peace and quiet. Love scene in the window to see - feel your soul cold and suffer from it. Murder, a fight to see - I disorder inside your / unhappiness in your surroundings. The room through the window of an abandoned treat - yourself feel unnecessary. In her corpse to see - live automatically, without investing in their actions the inner fire. Animals instead of people to see - you torment and passion will lead to the correct road. See unusually lighted windows, the ball outside the window - every kind of drudgery / something is up against you. See outside the window lunch prepared - depending on the circumstances: something nice or bad for you prepared. Ghost in the white box sticking out - most do not recognize myself, my thoughts or actions wonder. Because of the window scare you - an interest in someone else's life experience. From the window on the network you throw - the fear of addiction. Poured a pot or slop poured on you - to experience the good of someone else's family. Man at you from the window falls out - for the other to suffer / be guilty without guilt. From the window of a pole protrudes - quarrel, you will give up the house. Pig snouts protruding - it's your house and your image / reproach himself to be.

New family dream book

The window usually dream about as a harbinger of the end of the brilliant hopes. No matter how wonderful your company collapsed! At the very least, be prepared for the fact that your initiative will not give the desired results. Closed windows - the image of abandonment. Broken windows portend miserable suspicions of disloyalty towards you. If you dream you were sitting on the window, you can become a victim of stupidity or recklessness. Climbed into the house through a window - you will be caught cheating. Escaped through a window - as would have happened woes. Looked into someone's window passing by and saw strange things - can fail and lose the respect of others.

East female dream book

Closed windows in your house dream to confusion in the soul of self-hatred and attacks; open wide the window of a room on the street - to the emergency meeting unexpected but pleasant guests.

Aesop’s dream book

In the subconscious human window associated with exit or the start of something. In some cases, a window appears in the dream as a last chance or hope. With this symbol linked birth and death of a person. People sign says that the chipping of the window bird brings with it the death of the house owner. In the old days, when the children had a toothache, parents warned them: "Do not spit out the window - the teeth will hurt". A dream in which you are standing in front of an open window - symbolizes change and start a new life span. If you dream you are trying to find a way out and you see only the window - it's a sign that the chance to make a difference you have less and less. To dream is knocking at the window a bird - to the unexpected news. See yourself standing at the window of another - unexpected cash costs due to treachery of your imaginary friend, whose purpose, to bring you to utter ruin. As the saying goes: "Will you have me standing at the window". Window with broken glass - symbolizes the emotional anguish, sickness and disappointment. To dream of a closed window - a sign that on your way to meet unexpected obstacle. A dream in which you wash your dirty and dusty windows - which means that your hard work will bring you success and prosperity. See the silhouette in the window - it means that in real life to happen to you is something mysterious or enigmatic. If you are trying to get into the house through the window - in reality you will spend your time having fun and carefree. Talk in his sleep with my boyfriend through the window - a sign that you can not find mutual understanding with the person, which is associated with all of your feelings, hopes and thoughts. A dream in which you open a window, the window - means hope for better times.

Egyptian dream book of Pharaohs (Kenkherkhepeshef)

If a person sees himself in a dream looking out the window - well, it means that his appeal will be heard by his god.

Dream book of Health

See the window - the need to look at the world through different eyes; The open window - a possible illness, most infectious; for men may mean reciprocity women in a sexual sense, especially if in the window - it.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

To see the window opened to eat a sign of a bad condition of semeystvenny affairs;

Dream book of lovers

If you dream windows, it promises the fatal end to the flashed feelings. Perhaps, the elect will throw you or separation from darling is necessary.


To see windows in your dream, signifies bright hopes, vast possibilities and insight. If the windows of a house is dark, then it indicates a loss in your perception or vitality.

To dream that you are looking out the window, signifies your outlook on life, your consciousness, point of view, awareness, and intuition. You may be reflecting on a decision and seeking guidance. Or you need to go out into the larger world and experience life. If you are looking in the window, then it indicates that you are doing some soul searching and looking within yourself.

To see shut windows in your dream, signifies desertion and abandonment.

To see shattered and broken windows, represents your distorted view and outlook on life. It is also indicates a state of vulnerability.

To see a tinted window in your dream, represents your need for privacy and your ways of getting it. You are keeping aspects of yourself hidden or that you want to remain ambiguous.

To dream that you are washing windows, suggests that you need some clarity in some matter. Something is not clear.

See The Meaning In Action: "Online Encounter"

Dream book of Vanga

A desire fulfilled if there is no ready mate. Preparing your mind set for the future. Prior to actual wedding: To be expected.

Children's Dream Book

The window — means your position in relation to world around. If the window is cracked, means. Openness and trustfulness is peculiar to you. If the window is closed or curtained, tendency to reserve and absorption in itself is inherent in you. If a window, dirty, muddy, so you look at the world "through black glasses": your rage or bad mood prevent you to see the world such what it is actually. If transparent and pure, so you watch glass at the world and realize the events, - circumstances and minute moods cannot mislead you concerning the events.

Dream book of the Wanderer

Window — a view of the world or other person, a situation; expectation; condition of eyes of the sleeping; a presentiment, intuition (looking from what party to look, external or internal). To get in through the window - excessive curiosity, knowledge something (perhaps unlawful) or self-knowledge. To get out, get out of a window - trouble, a get-out. Open - the soul is open for the world and other people; regret. To break a window and to get out - execution of forbidden desires; an exit from the vital deadlock. To look from a window - vital prospect and plans, the next events, matters what landscape.


To look from O. - to expectation of important news; to spy in O. - to possession of foreign secret. Knock in O. - perhaps surgical disease.

Old Russian Dream Book

Expectation; the open – a regret.

Psychoanalytic dream book of V. Samokhvalov

Windows. Eyes reality assessment. World assessment. A depression because the long look in a window is associated with grief and expectation.

Russian Dream Book

In subconsciousness the window is associated with a way out, sometimes with the last hope. To face an open window, a symbol of changes in life; if you look for an exit, and before you only a window, so opportunities to change situation, remains less; a window with the broken glass, a symbol of sincere melancholy and disappointment.

Schiller School student’s dream book

The opened – melancholy; the closed – boredom.

Slavic dream book

To complications in a family if it is opened, and to improvement of the relations – if it is closed

Ukrainian Dream Book

Window open – the guest; behind something will regret; to look from a window – there will be a news; the lit – the sums.


Windows often show us the world as it could be, but do not let him feel it. The windows can be insidious, mislead us. This may mean frustration, defense or illusion in a dream about prison window may symbolize the desired person or situation in which you just can not be. It is a common life event. If the situation outside looks hostile, and you find yourself on the other side of the window to make sure that the experience, then find out that you deceived. The windows can sometimes see what there is, in fact, not. Perhaps it is time to overcome their uncertainty and their own skin to feel the rhythm of life, and not to look as it passes by. If the opposite is true, and a pastoral scene by the window is an alarming reality, then perhaps you feel that life is misleading and not always fulfilling its promises. The window can be the beginning of the passage from this world to another. Dreams of this nature are common among those who practice astral projection or generates a feeling of detachment from the madding crowd. Windows of this type can open you to the reality in which you could potentially plunge. You open the window in his sleep, walk past him without even looking, or close? The images on the other side of the window are clear or vague, as if in a fog?.

Henry Rommel

To dream Window - experiencing frustration or wait in vain for something.Open window- to success; open window - a wonderful new acquaintance, friendship or love.Beat out the window and go outside - to the fulfillment of desires, to get into the house through a window - not to shun in the affairs and relationships unlawful means.Escape through the window - get into trouble.Open window can still mean that you get to where wanted to get; Closed - the request will remain unanswered.Closed, dirty windows, broken glass - a sign of abandonment, sadness, frustration and remorse.Windows, shuttered or boarded - a symbol of a lonely old age or death.Sit on the window - to become a victim of carelessness, stupidity.

Miller’s dream book

Read the portholes on any vessel - this dream promises fun and change the usual conditions, a romantic getaway or an adventure. Open the window - this dream symbolizes the freedom of action, independence of decision making the possibility of creative work. Trying to climb through the window - the dream promises to care that you bring a lot of sad minutes and require you to great physical effort. See through the closed window - you commit an act that would change your reputation not for the better, complicate relations with loved ones.


Your view of the world around you, or how you view or perceive people, events, and situations in your life.Being in a house full of windows can mean you are feeling very open to the world around you, or perhaps feeling vulnerable or exposed.Being in a house with very few windows can mean you're feeling isolated from others or from the rest of the world, or perhaps you need some alone time right now.